Percent of businesses reported an immediate cost saving when moving to Simwood Direct.

Why SMEs love Simwood Direct

See how Simwood Direct could increase your productivity and save costs.

1. Quick and easy to switch

Don’t be daunted, migrating to Simwood Direct could not be easier. Free to try, ready to go in minutes, and a seamless transition. You definitely won’t be left to fend for yourself and we’ll help optimise your new system so that it’s more efficient that your current one.

2. You’re in control 

You’ll have complete control over your phone system, meaning you can add a new team member or remove features instantly, without having to wait for someone else to do it for you.

Do you currently have a different number for each area of your business? With Simwood Direct you only need one number that can be diverted to the right person at the right time. Time-based routing allows you to set up exactly where you calls go at different times of the day and week.

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3. Scalability 

As your company grows, your phone system can grow with you. With Simwood Direct it only takes minutes to add new team members and you can easily adjust your call diverts, voice menus and on-hold messaging to embrace new areas of your business as it scales.

4. Remote working

Simwood Direct doesn’t tie you to any one physical handset, take your business on the go and make it easier for your team to work remotely.

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