Integrate Google Chrome

Simwood Direct for Google Chrome makes it easy to call a number on a website by automatically detecting phone numbers and enabling one-click calling.

Simwood Direct for Chrome also makes it easy to identify callers – as an incoming call can trigger a search of your contacts, showing you the caller’s account before you answer the call (this function is dependant on your CRM’s search functionality).

Salesforce and Capsule CRM are also supported by Simwood Direct for Chrome and we’ve created specific versions for Pipedrive, Vtiger CRM and WorkflowMax.

Integrate Hubspot

Simwood Direct makes it easy for you to sync your Hubspot contact data with the platform. Incoming calls will display a link to the caller’s Hubspot record, giving you full visibility before answering the call.

Even better, your call activity is automatically logged in Hubspot. This means that all inbound and outbound calls – their outcome, duration and who made or received them, are entered into Hubspot, so that you don’t have to.

We need you!

There’s nothing we like more than innovation, so if you have ideas or suggestions for new integrations or features, we’d love to hear from you! Send them in via our contact page, all ideas are encouraged.

Our list of new integrations is ever growing, so watch out for updates.

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