Migration is simple

Already have a number? Don’t worry – when switching to our network, you can take your number with you. We make it as simple as possible to migrate and that includes easily porting your number across within 7-10 days.

Take your number anywhere

Once your number has been transferred to Simwood Direct, you can take it wherever you go in the world. Ditch line rental forever and enjoy the cost savings.

What are the costs?

We charge £20 to port a telephone number and up to a maximum of £100 per line. So numbers that are all on the same line (such as DDIs) will cost up to £100 to transfer, whereas individual numbers cost £20 each.

Resubmissions and changes to already submitted applications are charged at £10 each.

What line do you have?

You may need to check with your current provider if you are unsure about what type of line you currently have. Don’t worry – we will support you through the process.

To check that numbers can be moved to your account you can use PoV (pre-order validation) and this costs £10 per request. Please refer to our guide to number porting for more information.

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