You have all the tools you need to
configure your own business phone system

No lengthy calls to service providers. No being put on hold. Through a user-friendly interface, you can set your own call diverts, incoming numbering, time-based routing, call identifiers, IVR menus, on hold options and much more.

Globe with files and phones flying around

Connect anywhere

You can make and receive calls anywhere using your mobile, computer, tablet or compatible desk phone. With our incoming numbers you are not limited to area-based phone numbers. So wherever you are in the world, your callers won’t need to know.

Track performance

With our easy-to-use web portal, you can view your teams’ activity in real time. This powerful interface allows you to track performance, listen to call recordings, set your own call diverts and configure on-hold options. The possibilities are endless.

Integrate your CRM

Integrate your CRM easily with your Simwood Business phone system, enabling streamlined customer communications and increased call handling efficiency. There’s inbound number recognition, screen-popping, click-to-call, activity logging and more.

Live service status

Our live status page provides real-time visibility into our system performance; both incidents and uptime. We prefer a transparent approach. You’ll be pleased to see an exceedingly good record of 100% uptime.

UK-based support

We are here to help, whenever you need it. You can get in touch with us easily via phone or email, or find answers to your questions in our extensive knowledge base.

Developer API

Our API allows you to get technical and implement your own ideas. You could integrate your own systems or create applications using our RESTful API. Visit our Knowledge Base for more details.

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