Make and receive calls from anywhere

Simwood Direct is entirely cloud-based, so there’s no on-site equipment to buy, no ugly cabling to install, and you’re not tied to a single location. Ditch line rental and PBX equipment too. It also makes setup a breeze – so you can be up and running in minutes, not days.

Look the business

Choose a number

Want a Manchester phone number? Or London? Or Birmingham? You can choose numbers from just about anywhere and it doesn’t matter where you actually are. If you want an 03 or 08 number instead, or even an international number, we can do that too.

Already have a number with another provider? We can usually transfer it over within 7-10 days.

Connect your team

Add Extensions

Add extensions for each of your team members, then invite them to download the softphone app onto each of their devices. Once added, they’ll be able to start making and receiving calls right away.

Get callers to
the right place

Setup call routing

Decide who should answer calls and how long callers should wait – the simplest option is to send calls directly to one of the extensions added previously.

Optionally, use a group or queue to ring multiple extensions at the same time, or even a menu to provide the caller with a list of options to get them to the right place first time.

You can also use time-based routing – choosing the time of day or week that certain numbers are assigned to.

Track team performance and costs in real-time

Real-time activity logs

We prefer to do everything in an open and honest fashion. Our live status page provides real-time visibility into both current and historic system performance.

Powerful call analytics

UK-based support, when you need it. Get help via phone, chat or email, or search our extensive knowledge base to quickly find answers to your questions.

Live dashboards

Fancy yourself as a bit of a tech whizz? Why not integrate your own systems and create applications using our RESTful API? Visit our Developer Site for more details.

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