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Why partner with us

For 20+ years we have been widely regarded for our industry knowledge and innovative approach. We’ve been around long enough to understand the marketplace and we’ve always encouraged our customers to add value at every step of the way. Combine this with a hosted telephony platform built exclusively to enable partners to differentiate and the result is something very powerful indeed!

Make it your own

We’ve done everything in our power to enable partners to differentiate. Customise with your brand, create your own packages, build on top of our extensive APIs; the possibilities are endless.

Control over pricing

You’re in charge of designing your own price plans that align with your business model and the unique value you add. You’ll have control over every aspect of pricing from rental through to call costs.

First-class support

Our UK-based support team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Whether it’s configuring handsets, defining time-intervals or adding users, we’re always happy to help.

Always developing

We’re very proud of what we’ve created and we’re constantly adding new features to ensure we remain ahead of the crowd. We welcome feedback from partners to help define the roadmap.

Partner relationships

We want you to be happy and we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager whose job it is to ensure this. We’re all about building relationships and your success means everything.

Training & incentives

We’ll be running partner days to deliver training, industry best practices and to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments. We’re also working on some incentives to inspire your sales teams too!

Get started

Schedule a demo and we’ll show you around the platform, discuss pricing and set you up with a demo phone system to try out.

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Built with your customers in mind, our platform combines superior functionality with user-friendly design and rock-solid performance.

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