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Simwood is a wholesale provider and provides services to wholesale customers (e.g. Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Call Centre / Calling Card Operators) only. We do not provide services directly to end users.

Getting Started

We offer a range of Wholesale VoIP packages, all new signups start off on our Developer package which attracts a £5/mo fee, billed on the 1st of each month.

This gives you full access to our advanced API and Portal to enable you to test our service, or build your own on top of it, along with 5 UK numbers and up to 5 channels included.

Company Information

VAT Registration

VAT registered customers only, please enter your VAT number below. We need this information to bill you correctly. UK VAT registered customers should also read about recent changes to UK VAT that will affect you.

Your Website

We only provide services to other service providers, asking for your company website allows us to get a better understanding of your business and the services you offer your customers, allowing us to better support you.

SIP Termination

For outbound SIP termination we need to know the IP address you are authorising to make calls. You must be responsible for all traffic originating from this IP (i.e. this is not suitable for shared hosting). You can add more IP addresses at a later date, as well as set up authenticated trunks, using our API or Portal.

Billing Information

You may elect to have your account billed in GBP, USD or EUR. Please note that this cannot be changed at a later date and payments must be made in the currency selected (it is not possible to have an account billed in USD, for example, but then credited with payments made in EUR)

Verification and Payment Information

In order to verify your registration and to prevent automated signups and misuse of free credit we ask you to provide card details below.

All accounts start on our Developer Package which is intended for development and non-production use, this attracts a monthly fee of £5/mo, billed on the 1st of each month. You can change your package or payment method at any time via the portal.

Additionally, should you choose to purchase chargeable items such as gold numbers we will debit your card for these. We give you free credit to test our termination and there is a wide range of non-geographic and geographic numbers available at no additional cost.

We have always asked for a credit card as this is something unique to you that requires the card issuer to have been sure of your identity before issuing it, we can therefore be confident that any signup with a valid card is genuine.

This is just one of the many measures Simwood employ to help reduce the risk of fraud.

Terms and Conditions

By checking the box below and submitting this application I confirm that I have read and understood the Simwood Master Services Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms therein (as may be amended from time) and affirm that I will comply fully with the Acceptable Use Policy.

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