One of our customers screens two thirds of the world’s credit card transactions. By handling their calls, it is in our hands to catch anything that has even a whiff of fraudulent activity. This is a serious business; our fraud protection systems have to work and in developing them we are equipped with revolutionary intelligence capabilities. We are able to provide a great deal of intelligence about calls before the phone has even rung. And because we control our infrastructure, we are able to expose this information to people in a useful and accessible way.

Our Intelligence APIs are constantly evolving as we learn more about the latest fraudulent practices and the characteristics of fraudulent calls. Our APIs are designed to detect a huge range of ‘red flags’ when reviewing data from calls and as a result, fraud can be halted before it gets messy.

We hold the keys to valuable pieces of data when it comes to telecoms, many of which we keep close to our chest. Our intelligence services do not end with credit card fraud, there are almost endless applications where our intelligence capabilities can serve our customers, protecting people from scam artists, hackers and more.

If you’ve got a unique use case that involves telephony and protecting people in some form, you should speak with us to see how we can help you build our telephony intelligence into your solution.

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