The advantages of SIP trunking

Many businesses have increasingly found that connecting their existing PBX through traditional ISDN line-based systems results in restrictive and costly voice call services. It used to be complicated to organise a data connection for voice traffic but Carrier Service SIP trunking does away with elements such as ISDN lines and PSTN gateways. There are no physical lines connecting you to your service provider, instead the call travels over your data network. SIP trunking simplifies the process of connection, reduces costs and makes it easier and cheaper for your customers to expand their business.

Ultimate control

When using Simwood as your Carrier Service VoIP provider, ultimate control of the system is left in your hands while we tinker behind the scenes at keeping all our technology ahead of the times. Your customers will have complete visibility of all calls in-progress and the ability to manage and configure all SIP trunks through our user-friendly portal. Fraud controls and balance settings can also be set per trunk through the portal.

Priority given to voice and video traffic

With voice calls being an interactive service, any delay in transmission will significantly reduce the quality of calls or drop the call altogether. In comparison, a few second delay in the delivery of an email will not be noticed by anyone. This is why it is essential to have a solid network behind your SIP trunking services. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the internet that creates congestion in voice traffic but the network. Rest assured that Simwood’s high capacity network is wholly-owned and built specifically for real time communications; giving ultimate priority to voice and video traffic.

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