The complete package for the modern household

For busy homes, the Residential Plus account provides a feature-rich VOIP telephony solution designed for home users. Whilst PSTN may become a thing of the past, many homes still use their home phone number for reaching out to family and friends but want a more modern solution.

What makes Residential Plus different from a business IP PBX offering is that we’ve evolved the requirements for a family-friendly structure, and within their own portal in a consumer focussed way.

As a Simwood Partner, you stay in control of your customers but have the ability to create the call bundles for your residential customers and choose our white-labelled billing (free of charge) to remove the headaches of CDR’s and invoicing admin.

Pricing that reflects evolution

Residential Plus has 2 elements to enable flexibility for the consumer; Number + Family member = first seat but you can add as many additional numbers and members thereafter at low prices.

Included in the price is 500 UK landline and 500 mobile minutes (subject to AUP)

Complete Access to Portal Functionalities for Partners

As a Partner you get access the full benefits of the Simwood Manager functionalities.  Our API will integrate if you have existing systems for a seemless customer experience.

It has the ability to provision new customers, provide support and billing all within the same platform and with granularity needed for you to segment your customers according to their type, needs or spend.

End User portal reduces support and encourages engagement:

  • Dashboard of current spend and next billing 
  • Customer can add family members (costs apply)
  • Create family groups, time of day routing, forwarding options
  • Control over anonymous calls, block call lists
  • Includes IOS and Android Apps plus browser based phone on portal
  • Phone Book and CLI presentation 
  • Voice Mail for each line and for family
  • & more!

Residential Premium is only available to Simwood Partners

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