The Brief

When wanted to go ahead with their large telecoms project they were looking for a sturdy, reliable network to have at their core.

Why Simwood

1. Our Network. As our network is wholly owned and built by us, we have complete flexibility to help them architect their network, equipment and deployment with or near our key sites or points of interconnects.

2. Our Ethos. Our honest attitude and pioneering expertise resonates with the humble, technical and well informed – making us the go to wholesale carrier for

The Results

Yay were able to consume our wholesale low-cost minutes whilst benefiting from our rock-solid network and industry leading fraud prevention, monitoring and resilience.

“When we decided to push the button on the project, we knew having a reliable carrier-grade network at our core was vital. Simwood became the obvious choice. We looked around the market, but they stood head and shoulders above everyone.

Their technical competence was clear from the very first conversation, with a transparent passion for an industry that at the time was very new to us. They helped guide and inform how our product was to look, but equally gave us turn-key technology that allowed us to be the disruptive entrant from the start, but with an openness to our wacky ideas that was nothing short of endearing. We went from concept to live product in less than 4 months; without Simwood, we would never have achieved that.”

Matt Mansell CEO

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