The Potato. A working title that is sticking to the point of being stuck.

You’ve heard the buzz about AI transforming voice telecommunications. Well, let’s dive deeper into what that really means. For over 28 years, we’ve been diligently crafting a network core that’s not just about talking the talk but walking the walk. Our goal? To deliver unparalleled versatility to anyone, anywhere, regardless of whether they’re our direct customers or not. And we’re not just another UK/US domestic carrier; we’re transforming the landscape with our groundbreaking core: The Potato.

Seamlessly integrating network and software stack, the Potato delivers unparalleled functional richness without the hassle of traditional carrier limitations.


So, what is the Simwood Potato?

Picture this: a network core where every feature seamlessly integrates across any transport, in any possible combination. And yes, that includes our cutting-edge AI-based functions, all housed securely within our core, not scattered across various providers with murky data usage policies.


Whether you want recordings (dropped into your own S3 storage), call transcription, call summarization, translation, sentiment analysis…. all, these features are not just add-ons; they’re seamlessly integrated into the core of our infrastructure and available on any call traversing our network.

Imagine receiving summaries of your MS Teams calls directly in your favourite productivity app or seamlessly recording calls into your preferred S3-compatible storage. Real-time transcription into Slack, sentiment analysis into Hubspot, or ensuring PCI Compliance on Zoom calls are all within the realm of possibility. While sushi delivery triggered by a key phrase on a conference call might sound futuristic, our flexible framework is primed for such fun features down the line!

The true power comes from the Simwood core being a bring-your-own-carrier …. Carrier! You can hairpin your signalling and media through our core to enjoy any or all of our functionality, retaining control and ownership of your customers and their numbering.

So, feeling the power yet? In a nutshell, the Simwood Potato isn’t just a spud – it’s transformational in the telecom world. With a global core network and layers of feature-packed foil, we’re serving up communication solutions like never before.