Fraud Protection

Not just a box ticked

Safeguarding against fraud isn’t just a box to tick – it’s our unwavering commitment, etched into our very core.

At Simwood we didn’t just skim the surface; we penned an entire book on fortifying your defences. Because we firmly believe that wisdom transforms into a shield, and by arming you with our fraud insights, consider yourself invincible against these lurking dangers

Knowledge is power

We wrote the book on it.

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“We would far sooner customers do not spend the money in the first place and that the VoIP fraud intrusion is entirely unsuccessful because it has been thwarted at its early stages.”

Simon Woodhead
CEO Simwood

Cutting edge research

At Simwood, we prioritize actions over words. Our focus is on genuine support rather than exploiting challenges faced by you or your customers. We’re dedicated to our promises, substantiated by significant investments in state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention measures.

Proactive approach to attacks

When it comes to fending off attacks, we’re actively engaged in the process. We’re on the front lines, executing over 200 fraud checks per call while maintaining one of the slickest Post Dial Delay records out there.

We’re not about to let huge costs sneak up on us or wait for attacks to do their worst. With our watchful eye and crystal ball tech, we’re a step ahead, always.

Our mission? Sharing our fraud-busting knowledge so you can fight back against threats

Defend against Fraud, your way: Wholesale Fraud Mitigation Controls

Real-Time Call Insights

Stay in the loop with live call data on our portal, seamlessly linking into your anti-fraud monitoring tools.

Rate Limits on Your Terms

Tune traffic speeds to non-UK spots and hotspots, while letting legitimate activity flow effortlessly.

Unmask Threats

Our threat analysis page on our portal gives you insight into active attempted attacks – empowering you to prevent them.

API-Powered Command

In the event of a compromised end user. Admins can swoop in swiftly, by adjusting fraud defenses, IPs, and trunks seamlessly through the API or portal.

Black/white lists

You can define an Access Control List of number patterns to disable or allow – enabling, for example, the white-listing of a country code whilst blocking a specific number range within it.

Stay Ahead with Prepay

Our pre-pay termination + cutting-edge anti-fraud tech = unbeatable protection. You control credit consumption by locking a portion.

Pre-call cost limits

Set cost cap per call – an easy way to dodge wallet-draining destinations.

Fraud’s secrets are unveiled, empowering you to battle the lurking threats.