Our Network

Where innovation meets infrastructure

and downtime dares not tread.

Think of us as the secret sauce behind big telecom names. We keep the world talking, the data flowing, and the glitches at bay.

At Simwood, we’re the architects of connectivity, owning and operating our vital infrastructure down to the very fibres in the ground. No blame game here – we’re the fixers, the ones who make things hum. This is essential in ensuring we can provide best-in-class service to you without having to rely on third parties or being delayed by supply chains. You won’t hear us blaming our ‘service provider’ because we are the service provider, and if something doesn’t work, we fix it. Our groundbreaking technologies underpin an infrastructure that we control.

We also leverage commodity cloud computing where appropriate, for example, when we need the ability to rapidly scale resources in data centres around the world. We engineer our cloud-based solutions so that they are resilient to failures in any given region or data centre. We are mindful that cloud computing often has lower Service Level Agreements than other types of installations, and we take great care to ensure that no outage on the part of a cloud provider will impact our core business.

Evolving Excellence

Our network is advanced and continually evolving. We regularly enhance our N+4 core to maintain optimal performance. Our network is built for your voice traffic – if a route is more than 20% utilised, we upgrade it.



We’re a key part of the Internet, directing traffic straight to its destination. Only a small percentage of our traffic requires us to involve a third-party ‘transit’ provider. This assures performance and reliability. Our network is a high-performance, uptime-guaranteeing machine. So go ahead and snooze, we’ve got this covered.

Built for Voice

In a world full of digital noise, we’re the signal. Our IP network is purpose-built for seamless voice and video, free from the clutter of explicit content with 90% of traffic across our network dedicated to crystal-clear communication.

Seamless Supremacy

Our mission is to provide you with a seamless experience, ensuring minimal disruptions. We are committed to near-perfect uptime, translating into uninterrupted customer service. This results in customers experiencing rare technical issues, allowing for superior service and high uptime. The outcome is enhanced customer retention rates, reduced strain on your customer support teams, and a reinforced brand reputation.

Avail Awesome

Our network is strategically divided into multiple Availability Zones in the UK and two more in the US. In each country, we’ve established distinct platforms that can stand strong even if others falter. High availability isn’t a promise; it’s our reality.

Brands that trust Simwood

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