Hosted PBX

White-label hosted PBX

Built and maintained entirely in-house using the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Our white-label hosted PBX platform enables you to deliver an industry-leading cloud-based IP telephony system at competitive pricing, with customer ownership, while we own and operate all equipment, software and upgrades behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Built and maintained entirely in-house using the latest technologies and industry best practices, our hosted PBX system enables us to provide you with a feature-rich solution that suits all propositions for all users without the constraints of relying on third parties.


As a Simwood Hosted user, you can really make our platform your own with its feature-rich API. From new client apps to intelligent routing and call tracking, if you can imagine it, you can build it.

How does our hosted PBX differentiate?

In today’s marketplace, differentiation is everything, and what amazes many of our customers is that all our platform features, apps, and integrations are included in their price plans.

Here is a flavour of what your seat price includes:

White-labelled / your own brand

Portal and web apps on your domain

Fully customisable billing/tariffs/bundles

Payment integration

Complete control via portal and API

Set call restrictions and spend limits

Post/prepay accounts

Free call recording

Our Hosted platform is a tool that enables you to achieve full self-sufficiency and real-time oversight of your customer base. It’s like having your own control centre, making you the captain of your customer ship.

Benefits to our partners

Platform controls and self-service 

Our user-friendly portal enables our hosted users to have complete and real-time control over their customers, giving total self-sufficiency to provide the full customer lifecycle; provisioning, support and billing, all from one central platform.

Fully rebrand and white-label as your service

As with all our technology, the Simwood platform and apps have white-labelling capabilities, enabling users to build credibility and increase customer loyalty by matching the look and feel of their website and brand. API and integrations included.

Flexible price plan creation

Simwood Hosted platform allows you to design and build unlimited price plans, benefits and bundles. These can be individually tailored to different customer groups giving you granular control so you stand out from the crowd.

Reliable platform and dedicated service team

Built as a voice network platform, we have a reliable and resilient network backed by a strong financially backed SLA and trusted by brands across the world.

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