A Constantly Evolving asset

Our network is a living, evolving, strategic asset that has to add value to our customers, so we iterate and upgrade it frequently, maintaining impressive over-capacity and high availability. Our network is built for your voice traffic – if a route is more than 20% utilised we upgrade it.


We’re a key part of the Internet, with a very very high ratio of traffic flowing directly to its destination. Only a small percentage of our traffic requires us to involve a third party ‘transit’ provider. This assures performance and reliability. You can sleep at night knowing we have gone to extraordinary lengths to maximise the performance and uptime of our network.

Built for Voice

We are unique in scaling our IP network specifically for voice and video, meaning you won’t find cat photos or pornography clogging up our pipes! We prioritise voice and video traffic with 90% of traffic across our network being voice and video. We’re not carrying a lot of traditional ISP traffic and mixing voice in, and we’re not constrained by the economics that lead commodity networks to routinely congest links; something that is devastating for VoIP.

Seamless Service for your Customers

Fewer outages mean seamless customer service, with customers unaware of any (rare) technical issues happening in the background. In turn, this superior level of service and uptime translates into better customer retention rates, less burden on your own customer support teams, positive customer journeys, and a brand reputation to match.


Our network is divided into multiple Availability Zones in the UK and two Availability Zones in the US. Within each country, we operate a largely independent platform capable of surviving the loss of others, giving incredibly high availability.

100% SLA

We’re architected so a failure doesn’t lead to an outage. If it breaks, we fix it because we are the ones who built it. Contrast that to our peers who, to differing degrees, rely on things not breaking, and then when things do break, there’s an outage. We’re very different and we hope it shows. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is and launching the first 100% SLA on wholesale voice services. If we have an actual outage that means you cannot make calls out or receive calls in, we’ll pay you up to 25x the channel rental you paid during the period affected.

Read the full SLA here

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