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Built and maintained entirely in-house, our hosted voice platform gives you everything you need to maintain a powerful hosted telephony business. Simwood has over 20 years of industry knowledge, which means you are partnering with someone who really gets it.

Becoming an agent with Simwood is a smart way to earn more commissions by offering your existing customers our innovative VoIP solutions backed by our highly reliable infrastructure. Claim a larger stake in this multi-billion dollar global industry by using our cutting-edge technology to enhance your established portfolio.

Simwood’s platform empowers you with industry-leading voice solutions, fraud controls and the support you need to provide the ideal customer experience. Behind-the-scenes we are ever upgrading and maintaining a powerful network and service giving superior quality and zero down time.

Simwood Office Suite

Communication for Agile Teams

Simwood’s hosted PBX platform is a complete business phone system that lets you do much more. We wanted to eliminate the complexity of traditional business phone systems, so we created something better. The Simwood Office Suite is a simple, cost-effective hosted VoIP platform, making it easier for businesses to communicate more effectively.

A Step Ahead of your Competitors

Our hosted telephony platform enables our agents and resellers to differentiate from their competitors. Built on our highly stable international network, Simwood’s suite of cutting-edge VoIP solutions includes all the features you’d expect from a modern phone system and is easily managed through our user-friendly Simwood Portal.

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Why Simwood

Built by real engineers

For over 20 years we have been pioneers in the industry, innovating the latest technological developments and shaping future technologies. Our position at the heart of the communities we belong to, and our thought-leadership, mean we punch dramatically above our weight in international circles. Our customers benefit from the very best that technology has to offer because we remain five steps ahead of the herd. Great pains are taken to own and operate all equipment and network hardware, where it adds value to do so. This means our engineers have access to every element of your service, without having to rely on a less experienced third party. 

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A rock solid network

Our highly advanced and ever-evolving telephony network has been built from the ground up by our team of exceptional engineers. By controlling every element of our infrastructure, we can ensure your calls get the priority they deserve. There are no delays from supply chains, no blaming ‘service providers’; we own our network and take pride in operating it so your service won’t skip a beat. Underpinned by ground-breaking technology, our network is constantly being updated and advanced so it never ceases to add value to our customers. 


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User-friendly portal

Our powerful portal is wonderfully easy to use with an instinctive, user-friendly format. We don’t want our customers to struggle, so we have designed an intuitive portal that gives our customers a competitive edge. Agents gain ultimate control of their customers via the portal, with easy access to managing their customers, billing, commission feeds and statements, payment history and marketing tools; making their life smarter and more efficient. In addition, resellers have the option to whitelabel the portal, add functions and create price plans. The portal allows our wholesale customers to treat our infrastructure as their own, with a 360° view of their account and the freedom to manage their business the way they need to. 


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State-of-the-art fraud protection

Our world-regarded fraud analysis is made available exclusively to our customers first; architected into our infrastructure as standard. Our agents and resellers can rest easy, as we look after all of this behind the scenes, so you don’t have to. We put extraordinary efforts into protecting you from fraud, spending more money on research and development per year than on sales and marketing. To us it is unthinkable that we would profit from your misfortune. This is unfortunately not unheard of in the industry. Our advanced anti-fraud systems are three fold; we set traps for hackers to identify them before they can target our customers, we obtain real-time information on calls to identify unusual traffic before the call has even ended and we provide an unparalleled range of controls allowing you to limit certain calls.


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Transparency and integrity are our core values

The Simwood team are savvy, smart and straight-talking. We don’t overstate our capabilities; we push boundaries and share our findings with our customers; because we really want you to benefit from the latest and most advanced telecoms technology. We are competitive on pricing and passionate about transparency. Our priority is providing a superior service with an honest attitude; you will find absolutely nothing sneaky or untoward at Simwood. You will never find a hidden cost or have to pay a ‘bolt-on’ price. Our team will go above and beyond, striving for an open and fair telecommunications marketplace.