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Simwood. An authentic wholesale carrier with a wholly owned and operated network, built for real-time communications.

We offer a whole range of carrier telephony services including SIP Trunks, Numbering, Termination, Connectivity, IP Transit and SMS. Our rock solid network, powerful APIs and unparalleled anti-fraud controls are backed with industry-leading expertise, innovation and experience.

Fibre-based “network”

Unlike many networks, ours actually exists. 90% of our IP traffic flows directly to the destination network – very little relies on ‘transit’. Based on fibre in the ground and super low-latency hardware, you are guaranteed abundant capacity, screaming performance, and unmatched uptime.

Complete user control

Unparalleled Fraud Protection

Why Simwood Carrier

Stability and Availability

Simwood’s network is meticulously designed for unparalleled stability and availability. With complete ownership and operation, we ensure shorter, more reliable paths to your customers. Proactively upgrading infrastructure, we maintain over-capacity and high availability, with three availability zones in the UK and two in the US. Our industry-first 100% SLA on wholesale voice services underscores our commitment. In the rare event of an outage, we pledge to compensate 25x your affected channel rental.

Pioneering Engineers

Simwood leads the industry with robust research and development, steering technological advancements years ahead of competitors. Our pioneering engineers globally present cutting-edge networking and development technologies. We’re committed to swiftly sharing these innovations with customers. Stay informed through the authentic and candid Simwood Blog for the latest research, industry insights, news, and opinions.

Visibility and Protection

Simwood’s carrier prioritises your security with a fully inclusive package featuring a smart portal and API. Gain real-time control, monitor call costs, and configure fraud controls effortlessly. Our dedicated focus on fraud prevention ensures proactive protection from the latest security threats. Your security, our priority.

Simwood Carrier Services

Numbering & Termination

Our geographically resilient and UK-wide numbering make Simwood the natural choice for wholesale-grade termination and inbound call routing. Our highly advanced portal allows all porting requests to be submitted and managed seamlessly. Add in geographic numbering from UK and US and you’ve got a solution that scales. And don’t worry if your numbers are elsewhere, we can host those for you too.

 SIP Trunking

Our wholesale SIP Trunking solutions offer your customers a stable and simple stepping stone to next-generation communications, without having to replace their existing PBX. Our wholesale VoIP termination services are flexible, cost-effective and highly reliable; a game changer in the industry. With our powerful portal, you have complete control in managing sip trunks, setting custom limits per trunk and configuring fraud controls.


Our cost-effective wholesale SMS can be sent through our user-friendly portal or integrated directly with your platform using our powerful API. Simwood’s high-capacity network and industry-leading fraud protection controls make Simwood a no-brainer for your wholesale messaging.

Simwood Intelligence

Our intelligence capabilities are highly sensitive and through our powerful APIs we have ground-breaking capabilities at identifying ‘red flags’ and nipping fraud in the bud before it gets a chance to escalate. With one of our customers screening two-thirds of the world’s credit card transactions, it is our responsibility to ensure our fraud protection is world-class.


When it comes to connectivity, you have a huge range of highly tailorable options via direct connectivity, multi-site solutions and IP transit. In speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps nationwide, we can offer ultra-low-latency un-contended connectivity from your end-users back to our core. At Simwood, we offer connectivity at several different levels, layer 2 and layer 3, depending on your specific requirements.

IP Transit

At Simwood we are great advocates for direct connectivity to us in at least one site, This not only improves the stability and performance of your voice traffic but also ensures resilience in the face of wider internet fluctuations. We’d love therefore to offer more customers the benefit of our IP transit to reach your customers and the wider internet. We offer IP transit in several different options including full and partial transit.

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