More than just another PBX

Our cloud-based platform is built with your customers in mind. It combines superior functionality with user-friendly interfaces and rock-solid performance.

Built and maintained entirely in-house using the latest technologies and industry best practices, it’s not a magic box or one-size-fits-all solution;
our feature-rich platform allows you to add value where it really matters.

How it works

Make and receive calls from anywhere

Simwood’s PBX platform is entirely cloud-based, so there’s no on-site equipment to buy, no ugly cabling to install, and you’re not tied to a single location. It also makes setup a breeze – so you can be up and running in minutes, not days.

Choose your number

You can choose numbers from just about anywhere and it doesn’t matter where you actually are. If you want a specific area code or an international number, we can do that. Already have a number with another provider? That’s fine, we can transfer these over.

Track team performance and costs in real-time:

Real-time activity logs

Connect your cell phone, computer, tablet, or compatible desk phone to make and receive calls anywhere. Your callers will never know the difference.

Powerful call analytics

Use our pre-built charts to visualize your call data, or build your own charts and dashboards to meet your exact needs.

Live dashboards

See how many callers are waiting, how long they’ve waited, and more. With conditional formatting, you’ll be able to highlight issues before they affect your enterprise.

Enjoy complete flexibility and control

Use anywhere

Connect your cell phone, computer, tablet, or compatible desk phone to make and receive calls anywhere. Your callers will never know the difference.

Track performance

View your team’s activity in real-time, track performance, listen to call recordings, and much more.

Live dashboards

Streamline customer communications and call handling efficiency with inbound number recognition, screen-popping, click-to-call, and activity logging.

Relax you’re in control

Easily manage your account from anywhere with our sleek and easy-to-use portal. Created with simplicity in mind, our system puts you firmly in the driving seat.

Benefits of becoming a Simwood Agent

Complete Control over Communications

Our Simwood Portal gives Agents complete control over their customers, by easily accessing a number of functions including customer settings, billing and commission feed. In addition, Resellers have the option to white-label the portal, add functions and create price plans. We believe in giving our customers full control and intuitive technology.

Wholly-owned Platform

Our cloud-based voice platform is wholly owned and managed by a team of experienced engineers who are constantly adding new features to ensure we remain ahead of the crowd. Our platform is not reliant on third parties or constrained by supply chains so you don’t need to worry about outage or degradation.

Transparent Costing

Unlike others, our seat pricing includes access to all apps, features, and integrations, with no additional charges, no hidden costs, and no bolt-ons. Our pricing is extremely competitive and our attitude is unapologetically honest.

First Class Support

Our support team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, via phone, tickets, or email. Whether it’s configuring handsets, defining time intervals, or adding users, we’re always happy to help. You’ll also be provided with a dedicated account manager.

Backed by Our Network & Fraud Protection

It goes without saying that all the benefits of our wholly-owned, rock-solid network filter straight down to our agents. We have fraud checks built into our architecture at every step, and use data from real-time attacks against our diverse honeypots to help protect you from fraud.

Up & Running

We prefer to do everything in an open and honest fashion. Our live status page provides real-time visibility into both current and historic system performance.

Enjoy complete flexibility and control

Simwood Partner

Instead of simply earning commission, you have the option to become a Simwood Partner and take control of our products for yourself. All our apps, services, and products have the full white-labeling capacity, so they can accept your brand and pricing. Build credibility and increase customer loyalty by matching the look and feel of your own website.

Own your pricing

As a reseller, you have the freedom and control to set your own pricing. You can create your own tariffs, build your own minute bundles and choose who can have them, meaning you can add value and margin accordingly.

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