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Simwood Dealer is your Gateway to Exceptional VoIP Ventures

For those who want to sell a great VoIP service with substantial, ongoing commission and none of the hassle of operating a regulated service, we bring you Simwood Dealer. Enjoy the opportunity to earn up to 25% in commissions, whether upfront or on a monthly basis. Simply enroll customers and gain an ongoing, lifetime return as they subscribe to the service. Your chance to build steady rewards.

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What’s here for you

We Do The Work

Leave the heavy lifting to us – infrastructure, gear, software, billing, and user assistance – while you revel in a life free from hassle.

Monthly Commission

You as a dealer will be bonded with referrals for life and therefore will receive up to 25% commission on behalf of all sign-ups on a monthly basis forever.*

Online Portal

Enter our sleek dealer portal, granting you an all-access pass to track your monthly earnings and pending rewards with ease.

Getting started

We’re bringing you more than just the basics. With Simwood Dealer, our customers enjoy wallboards, analytics, call recordings, voicemail, and transcription services.

Why wait? Dive into the awesomeness of being a Simwood Dealer with your very own account. And hey, why not shoot us a message today? Let’s chat about how you can hop on board and start raking in some commissions. We’ll guide you through the super-easy process of becoming a Simwood Dealer.

Choose which one’s for you


  • Upfront lump sum
  • We handle the support
  • Access to the commission portal
  • Up to 25% monthly commission
  • Lifetime bond with referrals*


  • Wholly owned platform
  • White labelled
  • Transparent costing
  • Complete Control over Communications
  • Own Pricing
  • Fraud Protection