Why Simwood Carrier Services?

Stability and Availability

Our network is architected for stability and availability. Since we wholly own and operate our network, you will have shorter, more stable paths to your customers and your suppliers. We have a pathological hatred of network congestion and proactively upgrade infrastructure to maintain dramatic over-capacity and high availability. With three UK availability zones, two in the US, and traffic rerouting through any zone, the chances of our network going down are extraordinarily unlikely.

We put our money where our mouth is and provide the first 100% SLA on wholesale voice services. If we have an actual outage that means you cannot make calls out or receive calls in, we’ll pay you 25x the channel rental you paid during the period affected.

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Visibility and Protection

Fully included in every package is our smart and user-friendly portal and API, giving you ultimate visibility over all calls in progress and the ability to easily monitor call costs and configure fraud controls. Get real-time control over our services and treat our infrastructure as your own.

Our priority is to protect you from fraud and implement controls to stop the fraudulent activity before it affects our customers. Our honeypot enables us to view data from real-time attacks and proactively apply that knowledge to keep you protected from the latest security threats.

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Transparent Costing

At Simwood research and development is a big one. Not only are we on board with technological developments, but our engineers also help shape the future of the industry. Our team of pioneers speaks at conferences and events around the world sharing the latest networking and development technologies, often 5 years ahead of our competitors. Our mission is to share these advancements with our customers as quickly as possible – we’ve built our business around the agility and ability to do this.

Keep up to date with the latest research, industry views, news, and opinion at the authentically outspoken and daringly honest Simwood Blog.


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Products & Services

Inbound / Outbound

Our network is built for voice. We are unique in scaling our IP network specifically for voice and video with 90% of traffic across our network being voice and video. With variable and fixed price options, starting with a minimum commitment, our carrier service voice plans are designed to appeal to everyone from developers and start-ups through to carriers. Our carrier service VoIP termination services are flexible, cost-effective, and highly reliable; a game changer in the industry. Add in geographic numbering from over 50 countries and Simwood becomes the natural choice for carrier-grade inbound and outbound call routing.

Carrier Service SMS

Our cost-effective wholesale SMS messages can be sent through our user-friendly portal or integrated directly with your platform using our powerful API. Simwood’s high-capacity network and industry-leading fraud protection controls make Simwood a no-brainer for your carrier service messaging. A2P encompasses commercial messaging such as chatbots, OTPs, marketing, and appointment reminders whereas P2P is everyday messaging, human-to-human, and should not be consumed by enterprises.

Simwood intelligence

Our intelligence capabilities are both highly sensitive and infinitely revolutionary. Our network handles 70% of the world’s credit card transaction calls in relation to fraud protection. Through our powerful APIs, we have ground-breaking capabilities for identifying fraudulent calls and nipping fraud in the bud before it gets a chance to escalate. Our intelligence services can be used in a whole range of different applications for our customers, for example, vetting calls into a customer’s content-sensitive conference.


Protect your users and give them peace of mind with our innovative 911 solutions. Using our API, you can reliably and quickly connect your users to emergency services and to public safety, using accurate location information and the ability to easily amend address information.

Toll-Free Voice and SMS

Our toll-free voice solutions are fully redundant, giving your customers the stability and reliability they require. By owning and operating every element of our network, we can ensure our customers get the superior service they deserve. There will be no blaming the ‘service provider’; as we are the service provider.

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Transparency and integrity are our core values

The Simwood team are savvy, smart and straight-talking. We don’t overstate our capabilities; we push boundaries and share our findings with our customers; because we really want you to benefit from the latest and most advanced telecoms technology. We are competitive on pricing and passionate about transparency. Our priority is providing a superior service with an honest attitude; you will find absolutely nothing sneaky or untoward at Simwood. You will never find a hidden cost or have to pay a ‘bolt-on’ price. Our team will go above and beyond, striving for an open and fair telecommunications marketplace.

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