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Enabling the extraordinary, since 1996

Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a slogan, it’s our mission. We’re not content with the ordinary; we’re on a mission to redefine the extraordinary. Innovation isn’t a buzzword; it’s our DNA, pulsating through every fibre of our being. And as for our investment? Think massive – think in-house R&D that’s hotter than a supernova.

The Group

Simwood Group plc 

Simwood eSMS Limited

Carrier services in the UK

Sipcentric Limited

Hosted services in the UK

Simwood Networks Limited

UK ISP with code powers

Simwood Inc & Simwood LLC

Carrier services and Hosted PBX in the US.

Simwood Futures Limited

Group treasury 

Birchills Limited

UK direct-to-market for SOHO/SME

About Us

Simwood was founded by Simon Woodhead in 1996 as the world’s first global gateway between the Internet and mobile phones. We have always focused on the needs of our customers, seeking a quality and stability of service that their business can depend on. As innovators in the industry, we believe strongly in giving back to the community, through championing the open source community with sponsored events and contributing code, as well as regularly delivering talks and making appearances at events worldwide.

Our Mission
To create modern, powerful tools that are the secret weapon for our customers to create awesome things.

Our Values
We believe in ‘being the change’, so honesty and integrity, both in our perception of the world and our conduct within it. We strive for fairness, removing barriers to allow talent to compete and thrive against the establishment. We find the in what we do, dining on challenges, fuelled with the confidence we are working for the better, not the worse.

We’re part of an industry with an unfortunate tendency to overstate capability and position in the world but, for over 27 years, we’ve stayed authentic in the way we operate, we avoid reselling anything, and ensure we control every element of our infrastructure. This means you are dealing with the network operator, not a reseller of a reseller. If something goes wrong, there’s only one person to blame – that’s us.

Simon Woodhead
CEO Simwood

Our People

Our Leaders

Simon led a successful early career in finance, becoming the youngest qualified member of the Securities Institute. In 1996, Simon founded Simwood (then ‘eSMS’), the world’s first global gateway between the internet and mobile phones.

As CEO and architect, he has shaped Simwood to be the business and network it is today. Simon is passionate about technology, privacy and open-source software. He speaks worldwide at industry events; sharing Simwood’s extensive and sought-after research. He was also a Director and Chairman of LINX, the world’s largest mutual internet exchange.

In 2010, Charles founded Sipcentric Ltd from which he developed an entirely flexible and reliable hosted telephony platform for global use. Simwood acquired Sipcentric in 2019 and Charles is responsible for the ongoing reliability and interoperability of all networks across the Simwood group.

Charles is forward-thinking and driven to continually develop and improve Simwood’s network and technology, whilst also being an active contributor to several open-source projects within the telecoms sector.

Tom has more than 25 years of experience in the design, development and marketing of telecoms, as well as VoIP, wide-area networking and storage management products. Tom has left his mark on the telecoms industry globally, including being President of Vaultline, Inc.,

Chief Network Officer for Universal Access, Inc., CEO of Kinloch Telephone, Inc. and co-founding Vault Telephone, Inc.. Prior to joining Simwood, Tom was responsible for the merger and acquisition of the independent CLECs, including TNE Telephone Inc.

Victoria, excelling in the Sipcentric Ltd support team, seamlessly transitioned post-acquisition in 2019. With a decade-plus career in customer service and management, she rose to Operations Manager in late 2022 after immersing herself in various roles within the organisation.

By combining their dedication, adaptability, and forward-thinking approach, Victoria and her team contribute significantly to the overall success of Simwood, Their collective efforts not only enhance customer experiences but also fortify the company’s standing within the telecoms market. Her journey from the support team to managing the largest department in the company highlights her expertise and Simwood’s commitment to continuous progression and excellence. 

Join us in rewriting limits, amplifying your shine. Your story, woven into Simwood’s tapestry. Explore openings now – where your path sparks our shared legacy.


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