Handset Provisioning

As technology speeds ahead, and Simwood continues looking to the future to navigate where the telecoms industry is going, we believe there will be no place for handsets in the years to come. Technology is moving to mobile and our focus is getting you ready for it; converging phone and mobile technologies to give the best of both worlds. The scenario where the desk IP phone is no longer used and all mobiles are completely integrated with their PBX system, is almost upon us.


Handset Provisioning

Our advanced Hosted platform features an auto-provisioning system for supported handsets. Developed in-house using our best practices, it simplifies the pairing process while maintaining uncompromised security.

You will forgive us, therefore, for not investing in handset technology that is likely to be redundant in the not-too-distant future. Having said that, we appreciate and acknowledge that we are not there yet and that many of our Hosted customers still require the provision of handsets in order to launch a successful hosted voice platform.

So, if you need hardware from us to supplement your voice services, we have a comprehensive supply of good quality Grandstream phones, including professional desk phones, headsets and DECT.

How it works?

Handset provisioning can be turned on or off at any point via a toggle inside the branding interface.

Linking handsets to extensions is simple through the Manager or API. All you need is the MAC address, brand, and model of the phone, along with the extension you want to connect it to. When the phone is connected to our provisioning endpoint, the configuration is securely downloaded


Handset Provisioning currently supports Grandstream and Yealink handsets. Grandstreams can be supplied as needed.

You can use your own handsets from the approved model list if desired. Just point the device in our direction and associate it with the extension on the portal or via the API.

If you have a specific brand and model in volume, please contact our support team to discuss how we can add the template for that particular device.

Benefits of ordering via Simwood

Access to a white-labell ordering service

Provisioning out of the box at no extra cost

Bulk discounts

All dispatch and configurations are handled by us

We’re here to assist you swiftly and effortlessly, connecting you with the experts you need. Hit the button to order or chat about handsets.

Check out the provisioning guide to find out more