Residential VoIP

Redefining Residential VoIP

Designed to meet the needs of home phone users as they move to faster, fibre-based broadband while still wanting a great voice service.

Our Residential Platform takes VoIP for home users to a new level and provides a WLR4 evolution.

As old copper lines reach retirement, it’s time to reimagine what a home phone should do. Simwood has created a hosted IP phone platform for Hosted users selling to the consumer market.


Join as a Simwood Hosted user

As a Simwood Hosted user, you enjoy the ability to integrate our platform into your existing systems or leverage our Hosted portal with granular features to segment your customer base according to your preferences.

This is standard with Simwood Hosted, and you’ll also benefit from encrypted voice, fraud prevention, and API integration. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to choose our white-labelled billing and payments, alleviating the headaches of CDRs and invoicing admin.

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Residential Residential Plus

Benefits of becoming a Hosted user

Self-service portal

Empower partners with seamless control! Our user-friendly portal offers real-time autonomy, allowing white-labelled magic for provisioning, support, and billing – all under one roof.

Flexible price plan creation

Craft tailor-made price plans, bundles, and perks for each unique user, granting you unparalleled control over your offerings. The ultimate customer experience awaits.

Mobile App

Our free mobile app lets you take your ‘landline’ wherever you go! It’s the ultimate companion for our Hosted seat plans, making connectivity easy.

Fully Rebrandable

Simwood’s residential platform and app offer full white labelling, empowering partners to own their style and charm customers with a seamless brand experience. Match the look and feel of your website to boost credibility and keep customer loyalty soaring.

Want to offer Residential to your customers?

Join Simwood Hosted today with our simple onboarding so you can offer Residential and Residential Plus seats to your VoIP home user customers.