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At Simwood, we not only pioneer the very latest technology, but put it directly into the hands of our customers with an easy-to-use online portal. Our market-leading API is at the core of everything we offer whether that’s Carrier or Hosted. All aspects of our services can be controlled via the API, making it easy to integrate our service with your own. Our own portal is built entirely on our API, bringing unique and powerful features to a wider audience, in a more human-friendly format


We believe in our customers having full control over their service in real-time, enabling you to be lean and agile by treating our infrastructure as your own. Reap the benefits and enjoy the freedom of managing your business the way you need to. This 360° view of your account gives you real-time control of what you do, when you do it, and how much you spend; viewing ACD, Voice and SMS CDR and channel utilisation.

View chargeable calls-in-progress (not just those that have already cost you money)

Check balances

Configure alerts and notifications

Configure our fraud mitigation controls

Submit and manage porting requests

Configure advanced call routing

Allocate and configure inbound numbering

Track and manage your channel utilisation

Manage SIP trunks and set fraud and balance setting per trunk

Monitor call costs and traffic

Download invoices and manage payments


As a hosted user you have complete and real-time control over your customers, both via your partner admin portal and through each customer portal. Your admin portal allows you to manage all customer settings and invoices along with their account limits and controls.

Hosted users can add features, view usage, create new price plans, call tariffs and call bundles, and more. With Simwood, you can deliver an industry-leading portal designed to be entirely intuitive and simple for your customers to use, enabling them to:

Analyse calls in real-time and track call queue statistics

Use advanced wallboarding tools to monitor calls waiting, calls bounced and more

Configure all call settings, forwarding rules and more

Set up hold music, announcements and time intervals

Access phonebook, billing, credit and bundles

Manage SIP trunks

View usage and access reports

View usage and access reports

Set up caller IDs

Manage voicemail 2 email and fax 2 email services

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