We’re firm believers that our customers aim for much more than just providing run-of-the-mill connectivity. That’s why we’re on a relentless mission to assist you in bringing real, exceptional value to your end users.


At Simwood – We offer multiple connectivity options, either direct to customer sites, between data centres or out to the Internet.


We co-own a dark fibre ring around London that passes through all the major data centres. As a result, we can offer people their own wave on this ring with breakouts into any of the data centres in its path.

Our highly available multi-Terabit Arista core uses ultra-low-latency switches as routers to improve port density and performance. This enables us to offer uniquely performant pseudo-wires between two or more sites (a.k.a MPLS and VPLS), on-net or off-net.

Last but by no means least, you can connect to the Simwood network at any of our layer 3 PoPs and benefit from amazing Internet Transit. VoIP traffic is uncompromising, so our transit has to be too, with over 90% of traffic flowing directly to its destination network and the small balance over world-class Tier 1s. You can, of course, also Direct Connect to us to reach Simwood destinations only.

Our transit, optical connectivity, and Ethernet are all available to customers. Get in touch if you have a requirement. Similarly, if you are not already directly connected, please speak to us

In essence, Simwood isn’t just about connectivity – it’s connectivity reimagined for speed, reliability, and innovation.

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