At Simwood, we offer multiple connectivity options, either direct to customer sites, between data centres or out to the Internet.

We are constantly growing our optical capabilities, replacing what was layer 2 ‘ethernet’ connectivity between sites supplied from third parties, with our own or mutually leased dark-fibre, or optical waves wherever possible. Either way, where we’re lighting the fibre, we’re in control and issues don’t get obscured lower down in the stack.

We co-own a dark fibre ring around London which passes through all the major data centres. As a result we can offer people their own wave on this ring with breakouts into any of the data centres in its path.

Our highly available multi-Terabit Arista core uses ultra-low-latency switches as routers in order to improve port-density and performance, so we can offer uniquely performant pseudo-wires between two or more sites (a.k.a MPLS and VPLS), on-net or off-net.

Last, but by no means least, you can connect into the Simwood network at any of our layer3 PoPs and benefit from amazing Internet Transit – VoIP traffic is uncompromising so our transit has to be too, with over 90% of traffic flowing directly to its destination network and the small balance over world-class tier 1s. You can of course also Direct Connect to us to reach Simwood destinations only.

Our transit, optical connectivity and ethernet are all available to customers – get in touch if you have a requirement. Similarly, if you are not already directly connected, please speak to us.

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