As technology speeds ahead, and Simwood continues looking to the future to navigate where the telecoms industry is going, we believe there will be no place for handsets in the years to come. Technology is moving to mobile and our focus is getting you ready for it; converging phone and mobile technologies to give the best of both worlds. The scenario where the desk IP phone is no longer used and all mobiles are completely integrated with their PBX system, is almost upon us.

You will forgive us, therefore, for not investing in handset technology that is likely to be redundant in the not too distant future. Having said that, we appreciate and acknowledge that we are not there yet and that many of our partner customers still require provision of handsets in order to launch a successful hosted voice platform.

So, if you need hardware from us to supplement your voice services, we have a comprehensive supply of good quality Grandstream phones, including professional deskphones, headsets and DECT.

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