Simon Woodhead

Executive Chairman

Simon led a successful early career in finance, becoming the youngest qualified member of the Securities Institute. In 1996, Simon founded Simwood (then ‘eSMS’), the world’s first global gateway between the internet and mobile phones.

As CEO and architect, he has shaped Simwood to be the business and network it is today. Simon is passionate about technology, privacy and open source software. He speaks worldwide at industry events; sharing Simwood’s extensive and sought-after research. He was also a Director and Chairman of LINX, the world’s largest mutual internet exchange.

In October 2021, Simon moved to Executive Chairman appointing Grahame Davies as his successor.

Grahame Davies

Chief Executive Officer

As a pioneer of internet access in the UK, Grahame co-founded the first dial-up access provider, Demon Internet, in 1992. In just 3 years, he made the business a roaring success story, taking the staff from 5 to 80. During his more than 30 years in the telecoms and technology sector, Grahame was Group MD of Easynet, growing its revenues to over £70m, and Director and Chairman of LINX. Even with his continuing successes in telecoms, Grahame remains humble, approachable and inspired. He joined Simwood as an advisor in 2013 and a year later took the role as Chair. In recent years he has been the COO before being appointed CEO in October 2021.

Tom Hadden


Tom has more than 25 years of experience in the design, development and marketing of telecoms, as well as VoIP, wide-area networking and storage management products. Tom has left his mark on the telecoms industry globally, including being President of Vaultline, Inc., Chief Network Officer for Universal Access, Inc., CEO of Kinloch Telephone, Inc. and co-founding Vault Telephone, Inc.. Prior to joining Simwood, Tom was responsible for the merger and acquisition of the independent CLECs, including TNE Telephone Inc.

Charles Chance

Group CTO

In 2010, Charles founded Sipcentric Ltd from which he developed an entirely flexible and reliable hosted telephony platform for global use. Simwood acquired Sipcentric in 2019 and Charles is responsible for the ongoing reliability and interoperability of all networks across the Simwood group. Charles is forward-thinking and driven to continually develop and improve Simwood’s network and technology, whilst also being an active contributor to several open source projects within the telecoms sector.

Frazer Barnett

Head of Sales

Frazer has had a thriving career in telecoms, beginning as technical support at Virgin Mobile over 17 years ago. He later moved into sales at VoIP provider Gradwell, where he speedily progressed to management and helped take the company from £5m to £7m turnover during his time. Joining Simwood in 2016, Frazer continues to work his magic by increasing Simwood’s turnover as the company rapidly grows. Frazer has an in-depth knowledge of the telecoms industry and an infectious joie de vivre.

Claire Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Claire was a co-founder of the original Welsh Alt-Net Spectrum Internet, which recently received a 9 figure investment to build FTTP infrastructure. She carries over 14 years tech marketing and experience in marketing and customer experience in telecoms and cloud technologies and mentors women in business, specifically start-up tech companies.

Her role at Simwood oversees all brands and customer bases within the Simwood Group.

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