SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking. Cloud and three devices coming out of it

Why SIP Trunks?

SIP is a way of making termination and inbound call routing occur over the internet and is becoming the industry standard for connecting existing business phone systems to the internet. It is well known that VoIP is considerably cheaper than traditional ISDN systems. For customers who are not ready to make the move to a fully hosted PBX platform and want to continue use of their on-premise PBX system, SIP trunking is the ideal way forward for scaling their business.

SIP trunks also remove constrictions based on location as you can choose numbers regardless of geographical location. Simwood SIP trunks are cost effective, secure and reliable; with the advantage of being user-managed through our industry-leading portal and supported by our rock solid network.

SIP Trunking only works with a reliable network

Even the smallest network delay can result in significant reduction of quality in VoIP services. It is network problems that cause glitchy voice calls, not the internet. Our network is not one built for traditional IP traffic and then upgraded to include voice like many other networks, Simwood’s network is specifically built for voice. Even better, it is completely owned and operated by us, so we are not reliant on anyone else to ‘fix’ things. With our highly capable and available network, you can be confident in our trunking.

Complete Access to Portal Functionalities

When your customers transfer or upgrade to VoIP from their current system, they won’t need to replace their PBX and handsets in order to get the full benefits of the portal functionalities. Users have complete control to manage SIP trunks, view calls-in-progress, configure alerts, allocate inbound numbering and much more through our user-friendly portal. Our SIP trunking service allows users to access all VoIP features without having to replace hardware.

Our Partner Trunks include all of the following features (and more):

  • Failover options
  • Time of day routing
  • CLI presentation 
  • Bundled minutes (UK mobile/UK Landline) 
  • The ability to hybrid trunks with our hosted VoIP 
  • Forwarding rules
  • Ring timeouts
  • Channel/concurrent call controls

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