SMS from our Portal

Invented and built in-house by our engineers, our portal and API are at the forefront of telecoms technology. Whether you want to send messages to 1 or 1,000,001 people, you can do this easily and cost-effectively via the Simwood portal…

P2Ps and A2Ps

A2P (application to person) messages are generally sent by businesses at high volume. Sending P2P (person to person) messages in large numbers can cause congestion and deliverability problems. They are also strictly sold to be used by people, not platforms, and so abuse of ‘cheap’ P2P SMS bundles by businesses can have implications, both legally and on a practical level (messages may not get delivered effectively).

Simwood’s Carrier Service SMS are priced competitively at the A2P level, all on our solid network ensuring high performance and message delivery.

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