New voice stack going live

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

13th December 2017

It is six months since we put our new voice stack out in open beta, our interop documents were updated for the new IP addresses and codecs ten months ago, and we’ve repeatedly asked customers to validate applications against it. Thankfully many have listened, our early bugs and your misconfigurations have been dealt with, and many have left production traffic on the new stack. So we’re happy to now bring this in to live service and deprecate the old stack.

Outbound Traffic

On Friday December 15th at 8pm all DNS for outbound traffic (i.e. from you to the PSTN) will be amended to point to new stack IP addresses. If you are configured in accordance with our Outbound Interop Guidance (i.e. using hostnames and SRV) then traffic will flow through the new stack from then. The beta hostnames in use for those who have kindly validated will live until January 31st 2018 at which time they’ll be removed.

If you have not validated the new stack and find your application/configuration has issues with it when this change occurs, some hostnames have been created for the deprecated stack. These are detailed in our interop guidance. However, these are temporary and will be removed without further notice on January 31st 2018.

If you have neither validated the new stack, nor followed our interop guidance and are using legacy static IP addresses, these will cease working on January 31st 2018 without further notice. We strongly encourage you to follow our interop guidance.

Our Operations Desk will be delighted to help you validate before this change, and will offer necessary support to those who haven’t afterwards. Please note though, support issues will only be investigated after they have been tested against the new stack too, i.e. use of the old stack will become unsupported.

Inbound Traffic

Friday’s change will affect only outbound traffic (i.e. from you to the PSTN). Inbound traffic (from the PSTN to you) will continue to flow as it does just now until Sunday 17th December at 8pm.

From Sunday, inbound traffic will start to reach you via the new stack. It is imperative that your platform is configured as per the Inbound Interop Information and that all IP addresses contained therein are allowed through any firewalls or ACLs you have in place.

Early in the beta process, we made a flag available in the portal and API which enabled inbound calls to numbers to be redirected and delivered to you over the new stack on a per-number basis. We encourage you in the strongest terms to test this on a few numbers if you haven’t already done so before Sunday 17th December.

Thank you very much to those of you who have engaged with this process and worked with us on this. We’re very excited to be bringing this live.

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