Trunk pricing (effective 2018-01-01)

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

1st December 2017

Please note we are changing our pricing for SIP trunks effective January 1st 2018. Details can be found in our non-call rate sheet.

You will know that we allow multiple IP addresses added to an account at no charge, but we also allow you to create additional ‘trunks’ (some might call them sub-accounts) for your customers, their branches etc. These allow you to administratively separate traffic to ease your billing, apply distinct fraud control settings, set channel limits and even maintain distinct balances. You can also use trunks to create simple accounts for your SoHo or nomadic users via our Registration Proxy, reducing load on your own equipment and exposing great features like full encryption and the Opus codec.

We’re confident that the feature set is unmatched in the industry but when we first introduced it in early 2014 we also indicated pricing and said it would be waived until the feature was out of beta. We have provided it free of charge for nearly 4 years but are now removing the ‘beta’ label on this. We will therefore be issuing invoices at the published rates on January 1st for any trunks in use on accounts at midnight December 31st. Considering others charge considerably more for a fraction of the capability, we’re confident this still represents excellent value.

To be clear, having multiple IP addresses on your default (‘L001’) trunk for wholesale traffic remains free of charge, as does adding numbers for Indirect Access. We will only be charging for additional trunks be they IP address based or using username/password.

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