Managing numbers effectively

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

11th September 2018

Numbers are a limited resource, and CPs have a duty to ensure numbering is managed effectively and efficiently (General Condition 17).

Also, no-one wants to be paying for forgotten-about numbers that they aren’t using, so we’re going to introduce automatic ‘expiry’ of unused Simwood numbers (this policy naturally excludes ported numbers, and number ranges we host for other CPs).

From December, Simwood numbers that have not received a call for a period of six months will be considered to be unused.

We will send a notification giving notice that a number appears to be unused at 90 days, then again at 7 days, and 24 hours, before the number is removed.

These will be sent by the usual notifications channels, so you can receive them by eMail but also by HTTP POST if you wish to use this to generate notifications to your own users.

Additionally, the number will be available for re-allocation by the original owner for a period of one month after deletion.

If you have unusual numbering requirements, you might be better served by having your own number allocation from Ofcom, which we can host for our Virtual and Managed Interconnect customers on a partition of our own switches, for more information please get in touch

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