Mexico Dialplan Changes



17th July 2019

The Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexico are introducing a new national numbering plan, changing a number of Mexican dial codes.

Mexico has the country code +52 and, historically, Mexican mobile numbers all required a leading 1 before the subscriber number when dialled internationally (so a number starting 521 was easily identified as a Mexican mobile.

From 3rd August 2019, this 1 should be omitted. i.e. Mexican mobile numbers will become +52 followed by the subscriber number.

e.g. if the mobile number was published locally as 045 55 9999 9999 then currently this would be represented as +52 1 55 9999 9999. From 3rd August 2019, the number would be dialled as +52 55 9999 9999

Our rate card will be updated accordingly, but for our customers who call Mexico you will want to be aware of, and make your customers aware of, these changes.

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