Porting Letters of Authorisation, coming soon (Mon 7th Sept 2020)

Grahame Davies

Grahame Davies

13th August 2020

By Bruce Clark, Porting Supervisor

As you may have seen from the previous blog posts on Porting LOAs, the current “go-live” date for the new format is Monday 7th September 2020. It was pushed back due to Offta wanting to make a few amendments before fully implementing the new format.

We have put our heads together to try and come up with a simple document, easily filled out by End Users with minimal confusion. 

While the first version of the new LOA seemed to be a good step in the right direction, we could see a few potential issues and improvements that could be made. We were given the opportunity to bring forward our suggestions to Offta’s attention, and after a few emails and a phone call, they were able to implement the suggestions that we provided.

You can find a downloadable template of this new version on our support centre. We will keep this page up-to-date with regards to any further changes, and remove references to the old version on Monday 7th September.

Please note, the current version of the LOA will still be acceptable for porting requests up until 2nd November, as long as it is dated before Monday 7th September.

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