Custom rates

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

11th April 2024

By Simon Woodhead

In a small and long overdue change, the rate files available in the portal and API are now account specific. If you have bespoke rates on your account, you will now see these in the rate files which we hope will make things easier for you.

If you would like bespoke rates, please talk to us. We’re very happy to beat any legitimate termination rate in the market for UK, and where possible, US termination. This is for quality traffic with an appropriate spend commitment. 

We’re particularly interested in talking to you if you’re dealing with a reseller of one of our competitors pretending to be global, one of our slower UK competitors who hasn’t spent a penny on their network since the 90s or you think BT are the centre of the universe. Your business and your customers deserve better and the Simwood difference can bring savings with it too!

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