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Our New Website Is Here!

Parnita Nimbalkar

4th April 2024

By Parnita Nimbalkar

Hi, this is my first blog and it comes with a big announcement. Yup, you got it in the title – we have a new website. It’s been a long project. Here’s story time by Parnita or Parns (that’s what the Simwood fam calls me).

I joined Simwood straight after I finished my Masters and a little more than a year has gone by, and trust me when I say this it’s been pretty awesome. The autonomy to be creative and have fun at work is a combination every creative person looks for and I am lucky to have it here. 

For me, this project has been particularly special. From planning out the content to delving deep into the world of strategic branding and web content writing, it’s been one heck of a journey as a marketeer. Thanks to all the bigwigs for reining in my linguistic gymnastics and keeping me in check – haha.

It has been a deliberately lengthy project that began with the next iteration of our branding and the recalibration of our visual identity. Our graphic designer, Nic, engaged with everyone in the office, discussing how Simwood embodies a sense of creativity, crafting powerful tools that empower people to create awesome things. This culminated with the evolution of our beloved Simwood fishy and its orientation. We now have three different fishies that speak to the evolution of our brands (Carrier and Hosted – previously Carrier and Partner – as well as Simwood Group)

The branding is intended to talk about our culture; how diversity powers our unity and opportunity knows no bounds. Our team and office has such a vibe that even being Gen Z (PS who are usually thought to be lazy and have an affection for WFH), I am 5 days in the office… why? Only because of the culture. Period.

You might think “Why bother with all this brand nonsense for boring old telecoms?” Because we like to have fun and most importantly to continue to represent and preserve the Simwood culture.

Now, I’m thrilled to announce that we are finally there. The video below showcases Simwood’s incredible journey over the past 28 years, demonstrating our enduring strength in the industry. 

Finally, we haven’t forgotten about SimCon 4…. Now the branding and website is done, I have time to think about it….. 

Have a little look at –

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