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At Simwood we do more than talk about it. We put our money where our mouth is, taking a proactive approach and investing heavily in detection and prevention of fraud. We don’t want to profit from you or your customers’ misfortune. Let’s work together to ensure your business is protected.

“The reality is that if you use VoIP within your organisation you are a target.”  – Speaking up On Telephony Risks by Simon Woodhead

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Proactive Approach to Attacks

At Simwood we perform over 200 fraud checks per call, yet still have one of the lowest Post Dial Delays in the industry. Fraud checks are built into the very substance of our systems and at all times we take a proactive stance. The majority of other providers sadly do not.

“Our aim is to identify attacks and associated bad traffic in real time – before incurring large costs and sometimes before the visible attack starts at all – through our monitoring and predictive technologies.”
– Speaking up On Telephony Risks by
Simon Woodhead

Wholesale Fraud Mitigation Controls

Calls in Progress

Call information is available in real-time through our portal so you can link this to your fraud monitoring tools.

Rate limits

Customers can configure rate limits to non-UK destinations and to known hotspots, whilst allowing normal traffic to have a much higher rate.

Threat analysis

Our threat analysis page on our portal gives you insight into active attempted attacks – empowering you to prevent them.

API driven control

In the event of a compromised end user, the administrator can take action immediately – all fraud control measures, IP addresses and trunks can be configured in real-time via the API or portal.

Black / white lists

You can define an Access Control List of number patterns to disable or allow – enabling for example, the white-listing of a country code whilst blocking a specific number range within it.

Prepay balances

As we take a pragmatic approach to fraud protection, we operate on a pre-pay basis for termination. This, along with our advanced fraud mitigation tools supports best practice in safeguarding and sits alongside our customer’s responsibility to protect against malicious actions. You can also lock your balance only allowing a small portion of your credit to be consumed.

Pre-call cost limits

You can set a maximum call cost for a call – this method can also be used as a simple way of avoiding calls to expensive destinations.

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