Our Residential Platform

Our new residential platform takes VoIP for home users to a new level and provides a WLR4 evolution.

With technology advancing and WLR3 copper phone lines expected to be switched off by 2025, Simwood has evolved the home phone service.

Simwood has re-engineered VoIP for partners selling in the consumer market and has two distinct products. Click on the buttons below to explore Residential and Residential Plus.

Residential   Residential Plus

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Benefits for our Partners

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Self-service portal

Our user-friendly portal enables partners to have complete and real-time control over their residential customers, giving total self-sufficiency. With built-in white-labelled functionality, our partners can provide provisioning, support and billing from one central platform.

Flexible price plan creation

For all your customers, design and build unlimited price plans, benefits and bundles. These can be individually tailored to different user groups giving you granular control over features as part of your offering.

Fully Rebrandable

As with all our technology, the Simwood residential platform and app has full white-labelling capabilities, enabling partners to build credibility and increase customer loyalty by matching the look and feel of their website.

Mobile App

Our new residential platform also includes a user-friendly mobile app and which like all our other apps, is entirely free and included in our partners’ seat plans. It enables users to take their ‘landline’ with them.

Residential Portal
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