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Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

6th February 2009

We’re delighted to announce that all Simwood ‘Carrier’ DDIs are now SMS capable.

Our ‘Carrier’ numbers can now receive text messages from UK mobile networks and BT. A given number can be configured to relay the text message received as an email, or to post received messages dynamically to your system. SMS-related settings can be configured (and reconfigured) in real-time using our API.

To coincide with this, we will also shortly be re-launching the outbound SMS service on which our company was founded 12 years ago. This will enable flat-rate SMS broadcast via our API, with no volume commitment and billing against existing accounts.

Combining the two services, call centres and businesses can broadcast SMS, setting the originator to one of their Simwood DDIs, and receive replies right back into their system. Alternatively, numbers can be published as both text and voice capable, introducing a new and easy means of contact. We also have no doubt that the dynamic nature of this service will lead to some powerful value-added solutions from our integrators.

Finally, in most circumstances we can also SMS-enable non-Simwood numbers, bringing all of the above to existing PSTN numbers.

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