Tjardick van der Kraan appointed Director of Simwood

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

27th April 2011

I’m really excited to announce that Tjardick van der Kraan has been appointed a Director of Simwood eSMS Limited.

Tjardick has been involved with the business since the inception of ‘eSMS’ in the mid-90’s, most recently somewhat behind the scenes in a heavily technical role. He excels at what he does and as a team our skills are very complimentary. With a number of exciting new projects having his name all over them it is right and fitting that his contribution and responsibility be recognised now.

For those who haven’t dealt with Tjardick in a Simwood capacity, you may know him as co-founder of VoIPUser. Established in 2003, VoIPUser is a free community based VoIP service and forum with over 75,000 members, including amongst them most industry luminaries.

We’re privileged to have Tjardick on our team and I’m confident you’ll join me in congratulating him on his new role.

Kind regards

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