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Now peering on LINX

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

28th September 2011

We’re continuously investing in our IP network to ensure that it is the best it can be. We’re determined that anyone doing VoIP business wants to be on or behind the Simwood network because of the direct benefit to their business. So, today we’re delighted to announce we’ve joined LINX (London Internet Exchange).

As we’ve mentioned before, peering is where traffic between two ISP networks travels directly between them rather than over another network. This minimises the opportunity for disruption, ensuring high performance. We already peer privately with many networks and have been members of other peering exchanges such as LONAP and Edge-IX (formerly ManAP) for some years now. As a result we peer with anyone who’s anyone in the voice space and approximately 80% of our traffic flows directly to peers, a figure which is amongst the highest in the industry.

LINX is one of the largest peering exchanges on the planet and passes over 1Tb per second of traffic at peak in addition to approximately 648Gb per second privately. Approximately 83% of the Internet routing table is potentially available through peering on LINX and being a member enables us to increase our peering further, especially with non-UK networks, and ultimately to pass yet more of our traffic directly to the destination network.

For redundancy LINX operate two completely separate peering networks. Simwood is present on both of them and we’re peering both IPv4 and IPv6 on both.

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