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TiNet Global IP Transit

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

9th March 2012

You will hopefully be aware of Simwood’s quality IP Transit capability already but we’re excited to tell you that we’ve added a further option to the mix. We think you’ll love it.

You may have heard of TiNet (although now called Inteliquent); they are one of the largest IP carriers on the planet and one of a handful of actual Tier 1 networks. In our opinion they are the best both to deal with and for the quality of their uncongested network. We have long used them for international connectivity out of Manchester because they are about the only network to enable this without a dependence on London. Next only to our own direct peerings they are our favoured connectivity out of the Simwood network.

Like most real Tier 1s they have certain minimum requirements that put them out of reach for many networks. That is where we come in! Simwood has interconnected with TiNet in both of its UK PoPs, i.e. London and Manchester, and is now authorised to resell their IP Transit. This means you could have a direct connection to TiNet but over Simwood capacity. Simwood would not be visible in either your AS Path or your trace-route and to the outside world you have a direct relationship with TiNet. If you don’t run BGP we can similarly connect you directly to the TiNet network from Simwood co-location or anywhere our network reaches. The connectivity across our network is intentionally at a low level to minimise the points of failure between you and TiNet.

This extends our portfolio of transit products to the following:

Simwood Global IP Transit (Tinet and others plus Simwood peers)
Simwood Partial IP Transit (Simwood peers which now extend to some 80k prefixes or 20% of the routing table)
TiNet Global IP Transit (Tier 1 global connectivity)

Which is suitable will depend on your specific needs but fellow Tier 2 networks will welcome the opportunity to connect with TiNet and appreciate the shorter AS Path that would lead to. For BGP customers we can actually deliver all three services over the same physical connection, using a distinct VLAN for each. Combining TiNet’s global reach with our own UK and European peering is a particularly potent combination and we both provide rich BGP Community information to enable customers to filter exactly the routes they need.

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