Free Gifts when you use Simwood Termination

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

20th July 2012

Effective today you can earn free gifts when you choose Simwood for your wholesale termination. This is for a trial period to August 31st so we’re interested in your feedback!

Customers will earn 1 point for every £1/$1/€1 spent on termination using our Platinum or Gold decks. Those points can be redeemed for Amazon or Apple (iTunes or Apple Store) vouchers for you to spend as you please!

Points will be calculated monthly, starting with the period July 20th-July 31st and at the end of the month thereafter. Contact us at any time to check how many you have.

Free gifts on offer

500 points – £10/$10/€10 Amazon or Apple e-voucher
1000 points – £25/$25/€25 Amazon or Apple e-voucher
5000 points – £140/$140/€140 Amazon or Apple e-voucher
25,000 points – £750/$750/€750 Amazon or Apple e-voucher


Terms and conditions

This offer only applies to billed expenditure on Simwood wholesale termination from July 20th onwards.

Only accounts using the Platinum or Gold rate decks, with an Average Call Duration of 1 minute or more are eligible.

Points are earned based on the currency of the account and e-voucher values are also in the currency of the account.

Amazon e-Vouchers will be issued from a regional Amazon site appropriate for the currency, e.g. for $ vouchers, for £ vouchers and or for € vouchers. Apple e-vouchers will similarly be purchased as locally as possible.

This offer is for an initial trial period to August 31st and may or may not be extended thereafter.

This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Unclaimed points will expire 3 months after issue.

e-Vouchers will be issued to the person(s) we are instructed to issue to by our usual point of contact.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to declare any vouchers to the relevant tax authorities.

There is no cash value to points or cash alternative to e-Vouchers.

Any ambiguity or dispute over these terms will be resolved entirely at the discretion of Simwood.



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