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Essence of Simwood – winner

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

5th September 2012

We recently e-mailed all customers privately to ask them what it was about Simwood they liked most, in brief what they say when recommending us to peers. We weren’t looking for slogans or buzzwords but more to capture the magic ingredient in what we offer that appeals.

Well we were very touched by the feedback and really appreciate each and every person who responded (except perhaps those who saw it as a spam invitation!). Choosing a winner was hard but we finally settled on Darren Williams from DCVoIP – well done and thanks Darren.

The feedback will mostly be used internally but there were some very clear and strong themes:

  • – amazing support by real people with an absence of ‘computer says no’ and honest answers
  • – a real carrier grade voice and data network
  • – services which ‘just work’

Thanks again to all who responded.

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