Numbering rate changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

4th December 2012

Last week we asked for your feedback on our services and were really pleased to hear from so many of you. If you haven’t yet responded, click the button below and have your say.

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There were a few themes, one of which we’re pleased to respond to now. Whilst we’re the ‘go to’ option for UK geographic numbering given our rich API, portal, network and no channel charges, for start-up customers there are non-wholesale options in the marketplace that avoid the minimum commitment we ask for. Whilst some have very questionable business models and infrastructure, we understand the dilemma this poses start-ups.

Therefore, from January 1st 2013 we will be making the following changes:

  • – Ported numbers will be billed as Simwood numbers
  • – The following rental tiers will apply:
Quantity Rental per month
20 or fewer £40 per month NEW
50 or fewer £75 per month NEW
51-1000 50p per number, min. £100
1001+ Talk to us
  • – Non-geographic numbers (inc. UK Wide 03) will remain rent-free
  • – The annual “trial” package will no longer be offered. Customers with active subscriptions will remain on existing pricing until expiry when the above will apply.

All prices exclude VAT.

Risk free trial
As previously we only invoice based on the quantity of numbers in issue at the end of the month. Customers may allocate and test numbers during the month using either the portal or API and will not be charged if numbers are de-activated before month-end.*

* This will be monitored for abuse and may be withdrawn at our discretion if we consider a customer to be abusing it.

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