Payment process changes – Important

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

23rd August 2013

We have introduced changes to the way we bill and take payment of invoices.

Consolidated invoices

Previously most services were billed at the beginning of each month, with the exception of Gold number fees and porting charges (billed at the time they are generated) and non-voice services.

Charges are now consolidated onto invoices generated on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of each month. The aim here is to reduce the overall number of invoices you will receive from us to at most one per week.

Payment options

The following payment options are now available:

  • Deduction from prepay (GBP/USD/EUR) – An increasing number of customers prefer us to settle invoices from their prepay account, reducing the number of bank payments they need to send us. Payment will be deducted at the time the invoice is generated in the currency of the account.  To set up payment from your prepay account, please visit the portal payment page.
  • Card Payments (GBP/USD/EUR) – For customers wishing to pay by Debit/Credit card this option is now be available for Visa, Mastercard and American Express in the three currencies we bill in.  Payment will be taken automatically at the time the invoice is generated.  Your card details will never be handled by or stored on Simwood systems. To set up payment by card please visit the portal payment page.
  • Direct Debit (GBP only) Historically we have taken Direct Debit payment on/around the 15th of each month.  Payment will now be taken on/around the invoice due date allowing customers to take full advantage of 30 day credit terms, plus the few days the Direct Debit takes to process.  We urge anyone that has not already signed up (with UK bank accounts and paying in GBP) to get in touch to take advantage of this.
  • Bank Transfer (GBP/USD/EUR) – This option remains available in all currencies but please see the note below on late payments. An automated payment option is strongly encouraged.

PayPal is no longer a viable payment option and any payments received by PayPal will be returned.

Please note: any payment election made will apply immediately, e.g. any open invoices will be taken immediately from prepay or card or on the due date for Direct Debit.

Late Payment

If you do not opt for one of our automated payment methods, please do note that invoices are considered settled on us receiving cleared funds to the full value of the invoice – we will pay our bank charges but not yours.

Whilst most customers pay on-time and many pay early (we do notice and we are grateful), a very small number are inclined to wait until service is suspended before taking action. Therefore non-payments will now be handled automatically and consistently as below. Use of an automated payment method is therefore strongly encouraged.

If, by the end of the due date, an account has outstanding invoices then:

  1. If there is a prepay balance, the amount will be debited from that plus a GBP 5 (or currency equivalent) admin charge. If you wish to pay routinely from your prepay and avoid the charge, please see above.
  2. If there is no prepay balance or insufficient to clear the invoice a GBP 40 (or currency equivalent) late payment fee will be levied.
  3. Service will be suspended 24 hours later and only re-activated on full clearance of the outstanding invoices and late-payment fees.
  4. Any support tickets relating to late payment / suspension and marked as “Urgent” or “High” priority or requiring intervention outside office hours will incur a GBP 150 (or currency equivalent) charge.


We hope the above changes make working with us easier.

Naturally, if there are any other ways we can improve things for you, please let us know.

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