Non-geographic numbering out-payment changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

14th January 2014

The OFCOM Narrowband Review is increasing the cost of incoming calls effective February 1st. We will be absorbing these changes where possible and have taken opportunity to review all out-payment rates.

Owing to our billing efficiency and the design of our SS7 network, generally out-payments are going up. The exception is 0845 (ll) where the rate per minute is falling but we’ll be sharing the connection fee.

Effective February 1st our NGN out-payments will change as follows:
(our current pricing can always be found in the Knowledgebase)

Range Band Description Day Evening Weekend
0330 122 XXXX  g21  UK Wide £0.00/min £0.00/min £0.00/min
0845 874 XXXX  ll Local rate
(for BT customers)
0844 562 XXXX
0843 558 XXXX
 g6 Special services
(5ppm for BT Customers)
£0.03/min £0.03/min £0.03/min
0843 559 XXXX  g11 Special services
(4ppm for BT Customers)
£0.024/min £0.024/min £0.024/min
0843 562 XXXX  g10 Special services
(3ppm for BT Customers)
£0.018/min £0.018/min £0.018/min
0843 564 XXXX  g9 Special services
(2ppm for BT Customers)
£0.008/min £0.008/min £0.008/min

PRS ranges are available for those eligible to use them. Any customer operating services able to generate immediate volume is urged to contact us to discussed alternative out-payment models. Of course, Virtual Interconnect customers will receive the full wholesale interconnect rate on their numbering.

As previously, out-payments will only be made available to customers where the amount due would exceed £100 per month and amounts will not accrue. We reserve the right to disallow calls with invalid CLI, artificially inflated traffic or calls otherwise un-collectable from the originating network.

Customers must not share revenue with End Users (as defined by OFCOM).

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