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Improvements to Inbound Fax

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

28th February 2014

We have offered advanced inbound and outbound internet-based fax services since 2010 and believe we’re the only carrier to offer delivery of inbound fax messages via HTTP POST directly to your own scripts. This allows our customers the ultimate flexibility to parse these any way they like (e.g. by making available on the web, or emailing with their own branding) without the need to use cumbersome parsers to decode an eMail and extract the attachments and relevant metadata.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from this, and are pleased to announce some improvements to the fax platform;

  • Increased capacity and faster processing
  • Improved Metadata (e.g. we now accurately pass the Station ID where available)
  • Simpler, more efficient, HTTP interface

The most notable change is the new format of the HTTP POST message – designed to improve performance and reduce the load on your equipment rather than send the full PDF file as an encoded HTTP POST request we send a simple JSON object containing the relevant metadata and providing a URL where you can download the PDF file (much like how other reports are provided in the API).

Despite the ubiquity of e-mail, fax remains an important business tool.  We’ve made it easier than ever to offer your customers reliable fax services without the need for a fax machine – of course if you’d like to continue to handle fax yourself we fully support T.38 on all our numbers and termination.

To read more, please see the latest API documentation.

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